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Attractions near our indoor pool cabin in the Smoky Mountains

From the map you are able to zoom in to the location of the various attractions (using the +/- at the lower right of the map). Our cabin is identified with the yellow house icon. To view the distances and driving directions to the Smoky Mountain attractions near our rental cabin please scroll down this page.

Most of the main attractions in Pigeon Forge are within an easy 10 minute drive from the cabin. There are no steep roads from the cabin into town, making the drive easy even in the winter time. Another advantage is during times of heavy traffic on the Parkway there are several side/backroads you can take to avoid or miss a large portion of the traffic!

Some of the attractions within a 10 minute drive from the cabin include:

There are three main ways to access the Smoky Mountains National Park from our cabin.

Some of the attractions within 15 minutes of the cabin include:

Gatlinburg is approximately 19 minutes (10.9 miles) from the cabin.

*Please note the times and mileage mentioned above are estimates from Google Maps. Actual driving times will vary depending upon the driver, the traffic, how the traffic lights turn, and road conditions.

Our Recommendations for Smoky Mountain Attractions

Dinner Shows/Attractions

Being locals to the area we have visited many of the attractions in Sevier County. Among the dinner show attractions, our favorites are Lumberjack Feud and Dixie Stampede. We have not been to Hatfield & McCoy’s although we have heard it was a good show. Most of these shows are fairly expensive, so it is good to try to find discounts/coupons to get a few dollars off admission.

The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster located just a few minutes from the cabin is a fun ride. The line is often very long to ride the alpine coaster, so try to make arrangements to go during non-peak times of the day. Wonderworks (the upside down building) is an excellent attraction that has fun for kids and adults and is also somewhat educational.

We recently visited the Hollywood Wax Museum and were impressed with the quality of the wax figures in resembling their celebrity likeness. We had complimentary tickets to view the museum and enjoyed it, but if we would have had to pay the full cost for admission I don’t know if we would have gone. If you enjoy that sort of thing, I would recommend the Wax Museum. You are able to get your picture taken next to the figures, so it is fairly fun in that aspect.

Dollywood and Dollywood Splash Country are easily the most visited attractions in Sevier County. There are things to enjoy for people of all ages at Dollywood including live music, several shows, roller coasters, historic sites, train rides, and much more. It is something that takes all day to truly visit and enjoy. The cost for tickets is fairly expensive, but it does provide for a day full of entertainment!

For dining and shopping close to the cabin, we recommend Waldens Landing and The Island. Both are within 10 minutes of the cabin and have a nice environment. Waldens Landing features a mini golf/putt putt course, movie theater, various stores/shops, and three of our favorite places to eat (Calhoun’s, Smoky Mountain Brewery, and Five Guys). The Island features a huge ferris wheel, various shops, Margaritaville Restaurant, lighted water fountain show, Paula Deen’s restaurant, and more.

Tanger Outlet Mall is more geared toward shopping and has a LOT of different stores and options, but also has a few dining options such as The Chop House. For a more detailed list of dining options visit our restaurants and dining page.

Ziplines & Other Outdoor Activities

Hands down the best place to zipline in the Smokies is Climbworks. I recommend them without any hesitation. They have the best guides that truly enjoy their job and make the experience even more enjoyable. (Video for 2013 guides and here for 2014 guides). Their zipline course also features the best views of any zipline in the area. It looks directly into the Smoky Mountains National Park with some absolutely stunning views! It is definitely worth the trip to go zip with Climbworks over any other zipline in the area. It is located further from our cabin than most of the other ziplines, but it is unquestionably worth the drive! Your feet literally never touch the ground for about 2.5 hours as you go from one zipline to another. It is a very enjoyable adventure. Take a look at their videos here to get an idea of the experience. They also have an amazing mountain biking course if you want to try that as well.

Some other locations to get some exercise near the cabin include Wear Farm City Park which includes basketball courts, a track, football/baseball fields, picnic tables, and more. The Pigeon Forge Community Center is also located close to the cabin, but there is a cost to use this facility for non-residents of the area.

Smoky Mountains National Park

Brooke Fradd at Indian Flat Falls - Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Middle Prong Trail - Photo Copyright Jay FraddWithin the Smoky Mountain National Park there are numerous trails for hiking, waterfalls, driving loops (Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail & Cades Cove Loop), and sights to view. Our favorite place within the Smoky Mountains National Park is Cades Cove. We actually got married in Cades Cove at the Missionary Baptist Church!

During a drive in Cades Cove you will often see lots of wildlife. It is best to see the wildlife either early in the morning (just after sunrise) or near dusk. The road can get very busy during peak leaf season (October), during the summer, several weekends, and all major holidays. So expect somewhat slow travel on the road – especially if there is a bear which often causes a “bear jam” where cars are parked along the road sometimes making it difficult to pass them. There are several old homesteads you can stop and view and get a glimpse of life living in the area well over 100 years ago.

We have done numerous hikes in National Park ranging from the easiest to some of the most difficult (including 3 of the major ways to Mount Leconte, each bald, and all of the fire tower hikes). So, if you have a question about a hike please feel free to email me or visit the Hiking in the Smokies page with trail descriptions.

We have hiked most (if not all) the waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains and have enjoyed each and every one. Our favorites are probably Ramsay Cascades and Middle Prong Trail (Indian Flats Falls), but others are great as well such as Abrams Falls, Grotto Falls, Laurel Falls, Rainbow Falls, Hen Wallow Falls, and Mouse Creek Falls.

The Newfound Gap area (at the state line between Tennessee and North Carolina) can at times offer spectacular views such as the photo I took below during Fall. If you are going up to enjoy the views, try to make sure it is a clear day because Newfound Gap is often covered in clouds while it is clear in the lower elevations. Clingman’s Dome Road is only open during certain times of the year.

I could dedicate an entire website just to things we enjoy doing in the National Park (fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing, biking in Cades Cove, etc.) so this is just a very brief introduction to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If you are renting our cabin and have any questions on things to do please feel free to contact me!

Newfound Gap Area during fall color leaf season - Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Photo Copyright Jay Fradd

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